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A Common sense Approach to Lending
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Tracir Financial Services

Tracir Financial Services

We pride ourselves in providing a well-balanced environment offering the consumer an opportunity to potentially reestablish their credit and possibly realize greater credit opportunities in the future.

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More than 150,000 customers served

More than 150,000 customers served

We are committed to helping customers that have been unable to secure loans through conventional lending sources. Our service can help most people with special finance needs get back behind the wheel.

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Currently in more than 12 states.

Currently in more than 12 states.

Our Midwest office is poised to conduct business in Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Kentucky, and Illinois. Our southern office conducts business in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri. Within the next 24 months our footprint will include an additional eight states.

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Build your credit

Build your credit by maintaining communication and making payments on time

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Committed to the future of our customers, clients and employees with growth and transparency with all our partners 

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